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3 Simple Tricks to make your Exhibition Stand, Stand Tall

June 29, 2018

Ever wondered why exhibitions are still “in vogue”? In a world where technological innovations have swamped our minds with a muddle of options, what compels event organisers or companies to still opt for the traditional medium and generate effective results?

The catch here is the interactive experience, personal attention to detail and the ability to engage attendees through most informative yet creative concepts. However, making your exhibition emerge as a showstopper could be a tedious job. How do you make your exhibition stand tall among all the other competitors at an event?

1. Be a storyteller

Exhibitions are all about promoting your brand’s message in the most immersive and interactive manner. While it is evident that one needs to be crystal clear in communicating the objective of one’s brand, what is also pivotal is that you must never shy away from executing revolutionary ideas in order to weave and narrate a beautiful brand story. And these stories must be equipped to evoke the right emotions and pluck the right heart strings, because an emotional connect with the brand is as crucial as the on-point messaging. Focus on narrating your stories in the most alluring styles and attain the perfect balance of IQ and EQ to add more value to your products and services; this will not only steer the audience’s attention towards your stand but keep them glued there too.

2. Understand your TG and take them for a spin

What happens when you install a VR setup for a TG of 50-70-year olds or install a play station zone at book exhibition? An instant disconnect, isn’t it? During the event, your exhibition is nothing but a reflection of what your brand, product or services have to offer. It is particularly important to interest attendees with a perfect understanding of their choices/preferences which ideally you should be seeking to achieve.
However, there is no rule book when it comes to amusing your attendees during the event. Right from the lightings to set-ups to engagements, make your stall a place where the attendees would like to spend a little more time. Amaze them with what you have to offer; offering points which your competitors might have not touched upon. It may sound unfamiliar initially but doing so will help you offer them a memorable experience and create an environment where you can easily engage them in healthy sales conversations.

3. Embrace experience and exclusivity

What’s an event if it fails to touch upon emotions and offer a warm ambience to its attendees? With a talented team by your side, what will really allure your potential customers into becoming consumers is the personal experience complemented with exclusive offerings. Be it the launch of a new product or a revolutionary upgrade you’re about to introduce, make sure you provide an experience that’s never experienced before. Furthermore, offer giveaways or gifts to attendees which aren’t easy to afford in the market. Moreover, ensure that your presenters possess the informative abilities and hospitality training to help your delegates feel comfortable and at ease at your stand.

Whilst, these are minimal additional points that add an extra star to your stall, what really matters is the connect of your products that needs to match with the needs as well as the wants of your customers. Never miss a chance to build a strong relationship with your customers, offer your best deal to them and make your exhibition stand, stand tall in their minds and memories.