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3 Incredible ways of using Influencer Marketing for your Events

May 18, 2018

From social awareness to leisure events to business meets, one major strategy that a lot of brands or companies proactively use these days is the utilisation of influencer marketing at your events. Influencer marketing is a type of new-age advertising that focuses on using key leaders through diverse mediums to drive your event’s message to a larger audience. These influencers can be in the form of celebrities, public figures or even appearances of national or regional importance.

The big question that remains unanswered is how optimally do you use influencer marketing at your event? Here we list down 3 basic but crucial ways you must follow when using Influencer Marketing.

1- Identify your Brand Advocates and use them proactively

Brand Advocates are extremely pleased or loyal customers who promote your product without expecting much in return. Carrying forward the principle of word of mouth on a digital platform, identifying these individuals will help you scale the reach of your event branding a notch higher. Readings like number of shares, their comments and the Likes they enjoy on their comments or tweets will help you segregate them from the clutter and reach them when you plan on your next big event.

2- Spot for organisers to reach suitable influencers

A perfect influencer is a highly valued consultant in your event field. Picking the best influencer as per the agenda or motive of your event can be a tedious task. Here’s where the influencer organisers come into action. Well, to get rid of any ambiguity, these organisers are self-service tools that help you track the perfect influencers with mass following, interact with them and eventually offer a deal where they can promote your event on a larger scale.

3- Use the best brand ambassador platforms

Brand ambassador platforms help you identify the best brand advocates, rank them and optimally utilise their social presence to your needs. These ambassadors are your valuable customers who invest extra efforts and time in promoting your brand across the social space. Their recommendations are much credible and highly followed. Building a team of individuals who continually release fresh content – we need not emphasise on HOW IMPORTANT this is – as per your requirements will help in creating more buzz and relevant traffic on your event updates.