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12 Clever Ways AV Can Transform Your Event Venue

October 25, 2018

Imagine this: There is a large empty venue right in front of you and two dozen ideas scrambling in your head about what you can do with that space. You envision the space in a certain a way but feel that the natural built of the venue will hamper your creativity. Well, a lot of event planners have gone through the same dilemma but are now gradually transforming spaces in indescribable ways using audio-visual methods and more.
If you have experienced a hitch in using an event space the way you envisioned it, in this article we will tell you how small spaces can be made to appear larger, themes can be perfectly captured and random empty spots made cosy.
Let’s find out all that and more…

1. Dramatic lighting
Modern-day lighting options not only cast a rainbow of colours across your venue but also allow you to position lights in a way that attendees don’t trip over cords. Moreover, specific areas can be subjected to spotlight for maximum effect; also, light can be used in several moving ways and it can be given character for interaction with the emcee. And this quite drastically changes the ambience and the experience of the attendees.

2. Secondary screens
In an ideal world spaces would be designed so that all attendees had a spectacular view of the main show, but that does not always happen. But with the use of relay and secondary screens those awkward sight lines can be easily tackled, ensuring everyone has a great view.

3. Bring in the outdoors
While technology does rule the roost when it comes to transforming an event experience or the venue, technology need not be the only factor. Give your indoor venue an outdoorsy look with artificial lush greenery and flowers and transform your venue by coupling this with the right lighting options. Sand, water can be other natural elements you could play with.

4. The much-loved world of AR-VR
If your event is going to be all about an AR-VR experience for your attendees, there is no point in physically transforming a space that they aren’t really going to see. With virtual reality, you could teleport your attendees to a world that your coder can create and with AR you can help your attendees see things that aren’t really there. Either way, they are interested in the techno content, and the physical design of your venue matters very little.

5. Play with fabric
Here is another non-tech idea – the right kind of fabric can add a lot of depth, luxury and class to a venue. Fabrics can be used on the ceiling to create dramatic effects. What’s more? With a rich fabric, a simple chair can be transformed into a throne and when the right kind of lighting and fabric are intertwined, the effects can be quite dazzling.

6. Create cosy nooks
Some venues can be extremely large, especially for the size of its audience. But you can make it more inviting by creating cosy nooks and lounges that pop up in the space like fresh tulips bobbling their heads in the wind. These nooks prove to be the ideal spot for attendees to get away from the event bustle, unwind and connect with one another.

7. Projection mapping
The last on the list but surely not the least; projection mapping is an effect that will take an attendee’s breath away. In projection mapping, an image is projected onto a 3D surface and a simple, boring wall can be transformed into the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the interior of a spacecraft. Not just that the images being mapped can run in alterations, the Tower and spacecraft images can be run alternately on the surface. Plus, since it is a projection, there is no after clean-up; one flip of a switch and the content disappears.

In conclusion, an event space is a blank canvas where somethings can’t be changed while some other factors can be used to create miracles. With AV a lot of what you have envisioned can be actually executed quite brilliantly.